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S+NI believes that successful community engagement starts with sharing information on all of the projects 
in the Diridon Station Area. 

Our goal is to be the conduit for the stakeholders and neighborhoods of project information, city meetings and approvals.  

We will update our website and our S+NI application with all of pertinent information.

Google Downtown West

On May 25, 2021, the San Jose City Council unanimously approved the Downtown West Mixed-Use Plan.  The approval followed three-plus years of community engagement led by both the City and Google.

Diridon Station Area Plan

The City of San Jose updated the 2018 Downtown Strategy EIR instead of update the 2014 DSAP EIR document.

The Planning Department made the determination that an Addendum is adequate environmental document to update the DSAP.

Gardner Community Center

The Diridon Area Neighborhood Group (DANG) advocated for funding for the Gardner Community Center. S+NI will be garnering community input on the reuse of Gardner by going door to door and electronic surveys to get direct input on the reuse.  

The San Jose City Council directed staff to:

1)  Allocate $1M  from the Early Payment for Job Readiness and Community Stabilization fund for programming at the Gardner Community Center that will be sensitive to the needs of the community, including workforce development and children’s programs.

2)  Allocate 55% (about $2M) of the long-term corporate accommodations (LTCA) parks contribution (in section 4.42 of the development agreement) for parks within ¾ mile from the boundaries of the Downtown West development site regardless of district boundaries and/or freeway infrastructure.

3) Allocate 10% (about $2M) of the $22.3M unallocated Community Benefit Commitment to be spent within the ¾ mile from the boundaries of the Downtown West development site regardless of district boundaries and/or freeway infrastructure with input from that community and the District 3 and District 6 Councilmembers’ offices.

The Gardner Community Center is being re-imagined so that the programs, space, and activities will reflect how the community wants to use the space and take advantage of new resources that the center will be offering.  Please take the survey below to give your thoughts on programs for the Gardner Community Center.

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