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Mission statement

The Stakeholders + Neighborhoods Initiative (S+NI) is a collaboration that evolved from the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative (SNI) of the 1990s. We leverage technology and institutional knowledge to communicate information on development plans in and around the greater Diridon Station Area of San Jose. We lead and provide support for major community projects by acting as liaisons with governmental agencies, corporate donors, and philanthropic groups. We aim to streamline tax-exempt charitable giving to our community groups through access to donor-advised funds.

S+NI reimagines community engagement through neighborhood leadership. By uniting the neighborhoods with existing and new stakeholders, we can work together to achieve beneficial outcomes for everyone. S+NI doesn’t believe in pushing one neighborhood’s problem onto a nearby neighborhood. Quite simply, we are everyone’s neighbor, and we bring solutions that work to a complex process.

Our Team

Kathy Sutherland

Kathy Sutherland has lived in the Delmas Park neighborhood since 1980. In
2002 she began formerly advocating for Delmas Park and its redevelopment
when elected to the Strong Neighborhoods Initiative PAC. She served as president of the Delmas Park NAC and Neighborhood Association. She is a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority and is a past member of the San Jose Arena Authority and the Independent Monitoring Committee for Valley Water. Kathy is co-president of S+NI.

Laura Winter

Laura Winter is a fourth-generation Santa Clara Valley native and 33 year resident
of the St Leo’s Neighborhood and is a past president of the Shasta/Hanchett Park
Neighborhood Association. She has served on several City of San Jose boards,
committees, and task forces, including the San Jose Appeals Hearing Board, Arena
Oversight Committee, Greater Downtown San Jose Strategic Task Force, and Station
Area Advisory Group. Following a 35 year career as a design professional, Laura is a
co-owner of Umunhum Brewing, based in San Jose. She is currently the co-president
of S+NI.

Bert Weaver

Bert Weaver lives in the Delmas Park neighborhood and is a Board member of the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association. He is president of the Board for his
homeowner’s association. He is active in several neighborhood, civic, and volunteer
groups, including DANG, the District 6 Neighborhood Leaders Group, and South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition, and he is a member of both the BART SV Phase 2 and the High-Speed Rail community working groups. Bert is the Treasurer for S+NI.

Mary Pizzo

Mary Pizzo’s family has lived in the San Jose since 1957. In 1987, Mary and her
husband purchase a home in the Gregory Plaza neighborhood. She has actively
participated in establishing a Gregory Plaza Neighborhood Association (NA), and
represented her neighbors in Greater Gardner SNI and as a member of board for
North Willow Glen NA. After 36 years at Apple, she now volunteers for College of
Adaptive Arts, Parents Helping Parents and Second Harvest Silicon Valley.

Sarah Springer

Board Member
Sarah Springer lives in the Delmas Park neighborhood and is the Past-President of
the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association. She has organized and lead numerous
volunteer activities, including get togethers and clean up events, and she is an
active member of DANG and the District 6 Neighborhood Leaders Group. Sarah is a
Board member for S+NI.

Bob Staedler

Bob Staedler is a 25-year veteran of economic development, government relations and real estate projects. He is widely known for taking on complex and difficult projects, creating consensus, and delivering positive outcomes. Experience working in government, university and private sector environments helped him understand the critical need for results in ever challenging times.

Organizational and Financial Information

Stakeholders + Neighborhoods Initiative was incorporated in the state of California on March 12, 2021.  It has been designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, classified as a private foundation, by the IRS.  As such, donations made to S+NI are tax deductible, according to current tax regulations.  Its Federal Employee Identification Number is 86-3236631, and its California Secretary of State Entity Number is 4720018.

S+NI can be contacted by phone at 408-838-6450.  Its mailing address is P.O. Box 611435, San José, CA 95161.  Its email address is info@TheSNI.org

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